ACE are in consortia working on EC-funded Horizon 2020 projects.

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Networking the Educational World: Across Boundaries for Community-building

Bringing together 14 partners from Belgium, Italy, the UK, Finland, Cyprus, Poland, France, Portugal and Spain, New ABC kicked off virtually in January 2021.

NEW ABC project is deisnged to be a catalyst for integration in and through formal, informal and non-formal learning
with replicable, adaptable and scalable innovation actions that integrate and give a voice to children and other stakeholders.

We kicked off on January 14-15 with members of our consortium

The IMMERSE Project

Integration Mapping of Refugee and Migrant Children

Bringing together 11 partners from Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Italy and Greece, the IMMERSE project kicked off in Madrid in December 2018.

The purpose of IMMERSE is to map the socio-educational integration of migrant and refugee children in these countries.

Do you work with migration issues?  We we invite you to join the Immerse Online community!

ACE are two years into the IMMERSE Project.  The journey so far has been incredible, while there have been challenges to overcome, especially with Covid.  We recently had our Consortium Annual Meeting