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Kate Morrison (Shea)

Youth engagement, citizenship education, children's rights

Kate has experience working in the field of education in non-profits and in schools. Previously a Head of Secondary in a multi-cultural context at an International School in Belgium with students from over 40 countries, she is an experienced teacher of History and Global Perspectives. She has an MA in Human Rights, focused on Children’s Rights and the Right to Education and has multifarious  non-profit experience including working with citizenship programmes implemented into, and supporting, the Citizenship curriculum in the National Curriculum of England and Wales. As both an educationalist and a human rights promoter, she works to improve integration and social cohesion through educational initiatives.


ACE was developed by founders who share a passion for education, human rights and social development. 

Farzana S. Islam

Stakeholder engagement, social risk management, anti-radicalisation

Farzana has a  two-pronged approach to social development.   She has a broad range of experience in the civil society and non-profit sectors across four  continents working to advocate for those in challenging circumstances and engaging multiple stakeholders in inclusive and participatory dialogue.  She is also a passionate educator, and has at various times taught and delivered guest speeches,  in international primary schools in Belgium and urban and semi-rural schools in the United States, and a Master's level course on monitoring and evaluation methodology at Southern Cross University, Australia.  Holding an MSc in Development Management, Farzana is a big believer in education as the basis for social development and inclusive growth.


January - May 2017 - Faez  (EB student at the European School, Brussels) has completed an internship with us. Faez's linguistic and computer skills have been an invaluable asset to ACE!

June 2017, 3 students from ISF Waterloo International School including Aleksi and Esther spent time in the ACE offices, helping with forum development and administration and brainstorming. We are grateful for all their help!

ACE Volunteers/Interns

Active Citizen Europe is committed to promoting the active engagement of young people in civil society. To that end, we encourage applications from young people to gain experience volunteering with us. More information available here

January 2017 - Safaa (student of International Relations, German and Russian)  joined us for 3 days  from the University of St Andrews' work shadowing programme. Her research skills were very beneficial for finding useful data!

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