Aims & Purpose

Our Mission, Vision and Purpose


The aim of Active Citizen Europe (ACE) is to foster the integration of children within society, through innovative and participatory programmes, capacity building, advocacy, intercultural work, digital literacy and the promotion of a multipronged citizenship education


"Engaging young people in shaping local and global communities for an integrated and democratic world"


Young people should be given tools and safe space to engage in dialogue that nurtures gender equality, freedom of thought and speech, and democratic engagement. We pioneer community-based programmes for young people to encourage integration and prevent marginalisation. Citizenship should be active and inclusive, accepting and empathising with difference to encourage societal harmony. We believes in addressing the factors that cause identity conflict head-on. We develop projects that encourage openness to identifying and challenging institutionalised discrimination and practices that promote or sustain identity hierarchies (dominant culture as superior)  and which can devalue the cultures of newcomers.


We are committed to transparency, non-harm, non-judgement and equal opportunity.

Gender Equality and Diversity Statement

Active Citizen Europe commits to promoting communities in which everyone regardless of their gender, national, religious, ethnic, and sexual identities have equal access to opportunities and resources, and are treated with dignity, respect and fairness.

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